October 2015 – Common words and expressions heard in the UK

October 2015
Some common words and expressions heard in the UK
When you come to Britain, (or if you watch British TV shows) you will hear words and expressions that aren’t always in your language learning books. You don’t have to use them yourself, but it’s useful to know what they mean.

Instead of saying ‘Hello. How are you?’ some people say:
‘All right?’ or ‘Orright?’    Typical reply: ‘Yeah, allright?’

‘Hiya.’                                 Typical reply: ‘Hiya, how’s it going?’

‘Wotcha.’                            Typical reply: ‘Wotcha. Orright?’

For ‘goodbye’ many people say:
‘See you.’

Cheers has several meanings.

It can mean ‘to your good health’ when you raise a glass. You raise a glass. look each other in the eye, say ‘Cheers’ and then drink.

It can mean ‘thanks’.
‘Here’s your change.’

It can mean ‘Goodbye’.
‘See you tomorrow.’
‘Yeah, cheers.’

Sometimes it means ‘thanks’ and ‘goodbye’ at the same time.
Example – in a café:
Waiter: ‘Did you enjoy your meal?’
Customer: ‘I did. Cheers.’
Waiter: ‘Thank you. Bye.’