New Words October 2015

New Words HL



Here are some words and expressions
that have come into the English language recently.




sharenting (noun) – this describes the behaviour of parents when they share photos and other information about their children on social media sites. Sharenting rhymes with ‘parenting’.
“I saw a photo of you on Facebook yesterday. You looked about three years old.”
“Oh, great. Mum and dad have been sharenting again.”

athwear (noun) – clothes designed for sport and exercise. This is the new term for ‘gym wear’.

mint (adjective – informal) – nice, cool.
“I like your shoes. They’re really mint.”

tap-to-pay (adjective) – this describes a method of paying for something. You tap your phone on an electronic payment device.

dolla (noun – slang) – money. This slang has been heard in London recently.
“Do you need some dolla?”

plug-in (noun) – an electric car. You plug in this type of car to recharge it.
“I decided to get rid of my diesel car and get a plug-in.”

TBF (acronym) – to be fair. In the UK people use this when texting.
“We lost. TBF our opponents played really well.”

IMO (acronym) – in my opinion. Often used in texting and on social media sites.
“IMO you have great parents.”