TV licences in the UK

Watching TV in the UKIf you visit or stay in the UK and watch TV, you will need a TV licence. If you are in homestay with a family there shouldn’t be a problem. But if you stay in a rented room or flat, find out if there is a TV licence for the property. If there is not, you will have to get one.

A TV licence in the UK costs 149.50 for a colour TV and £49.00 for black and white per year. If you watch or record programmes as they are being broadcast, even on a computer, you must have a licence. You can watch programmes later on a computer without needing a licence. There is no licence necessary for listening to the radio.

If you are a student in the UK and have paid for a TV licence you can get a refund if you stop using it with 3 months or more unused before the end date.
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Whatever you do, don’t risk the large fine of up to £1,000 plus legal costs.